Timbercreek History Page

Timbercreek has an interesting history.

Fortunate for us, Jim Dunne (former member of the Board) saved a lot of the material and was gracious enough to leave it behind for our enjoyment when he and Betty moved to Jacksonville about 2000. Pat and Winnie Hyndman have also furnished material.

We start off with a picture from inside the folder of promotional material.
Yes, some of our current residents did indeed camp out to try and get the Timbercreek lot of their choice.

We have lots of material:
August 1977 price list for lots (caution, some residents may find this depressing)
A list of Timbercreek Builders
Floor plans
An October 1978 letter from Arvida announcing they are "proud to act as a catalyst in the Challange of the Villages."
We even have the newspaper account of the big flood in April 1979 with pictures of a Timbercreek resident netting a brim in her front yard.

For starters, we begin with the promotional tent picture. There is a table at the bottom of the picture for you to select more subjects from historical Timbercreek.

TC Tent Picture Unlike some $55,000 to $85,000 houses, you can't move into a Timbercreek house today. But when you do, you'll get more than a house. You'll have the neighborhood atmosphere and amenities of an Arvida village.

That means winding roads. And carefully preserved lush green woodlands. And bike paths meandering through the village. A lovely park that's perfect for picnics. A lake that's fine for fishermen. A tot lot that's terrific for kids.

You'll also be moving to Boca Raton.

Close to Boca Raton shopping (including the new regional shopping center just 5 minutes away) and you'll only be a mile from I-95 which puts you within an easy drive of all the great attractions of South Florida.

The people who bought at another Arvida village called Paseos thought these things were worth waiting for. Talk to them, take a look at their homes, ask them about living in an Arvida village. That should give you an idea what's going to happen at Timbercreek.

Early Timbercreek Pictures

August 1977 Lot Price List

The Big Flood