The Great Flood of April 23, 1979

The great flood1

Photo courtesy of Pete and Jackie Fritz - Standing on the corner of NW 24th Way and NW 30th street looking at 2923 NW 24th Way.

The great flood1

Photo courtesy of Pete and Jackie Fritz - A neighbor's canoe goes down 30th street in front of the Fritz home at 2431 NW 30th Street.
















The following group of eleven pictures was supplied by Pat and Winnie Hyndman of 29th Road.
We are most greatful to Pat and Winnie for sharing them with us.
The captions were even furnished by the Hyndmans.

Truck on Timbercreek main street (NW 29th St.)

The Hyndman transportation for 2 days. The water left after three days.










View of basketball court from gazebo.

North West 29th Road











Corner of NW 29th St and NW 24th Road looking westward from the park.
Notice the size of the ficus trees that were cut down about 20 years later.

Paddling along North West 24th Avenue.











North West 29th Roard opposite the basketball court.

View from bike path looking toward the playground and basketball court.











Danny, Jason and Bobby Dunne on the main street of Timbercreek.

Bobby and Eileen Dunee exploring our greatly enlarged lake. The Dunne's are former residents in the house next to the basketball court.











North West 29th Street











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We have other flood pictures and newspaper articles to post and will do so as time allows us to do so.
If you have any early Timbercreek pictures we promise to take good care of them and will return them to you.