Timbercreek Committees


There are a variety of ways to get involved and volunteer in your community.   Please contact Haag Management if you are interested in learning more or getting involved in any of the committees listed, as they are always looking for help.    Thank you. 



Board of Directors (Board exists per the Covenants and Restrictions):      

Manages the affairs of the Association.   The Board consists of five Directors, who are members of the Association (homeowners in Timbercreek).   Each Director is elected at the Annual General meeting by the majority vote of members present in person, by ballot submitted or by proxy and serves for a term of two years.    Board meetings are typically held each month and are open to all homeowners. 



Maintenance Committee (committee exists per the Covenants and Restrictions):

Helps preserve the beauty, quality and value of the neighborhood.  The committee performs routine neighborhood "drive throughs" and identifies any common areas or owner lots/residences that are in need of maintenance or cleanup.    A spreadsheet is completed noting the addresses and identified issues .  The management company then notifies the homeowners of the issues and required actions with a formal letter. 



Architectural Review Board "ARB" (committee exists per the Covenants and Restrictions):

Helps ensure architectural control and consistency throughout the community.   Activities include reviewing submissions of ARB request forms from owners for any improvements or structures of any kind, and approving or disapproving the proposed activities.   An ARB request form is required for any exterior changes, modifications, or alterations to any lot or home. 



Social/Recreational Committee:

Provides residents with opportunities to meet their neighbors and enjoy time with Timbercreek friends and families.  The committee hosts a variety of events at the neighborhood park such as the annual Halloween Party, Winter Holiday Party, Adults Only Evening, Spring Egg Hunt, and Movie at the Park.